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Login Help

Standard Login Procedures

First, you must complete and submit the enrollment form. Then, you will receive a confirmation email from The Commercial Bank with your Login ID. Follow the steps below when logging in for the fitst time.


  1. Select New User
  2. Key in Login ID and submit
  3. Select Secure Access Code Delivery Preference
    A listing appears with the user’s email and or telephone information - the user chooses the notification delivery method for their secure access code
  4. Click Submit – You will receive your Secure Access Code via your selected method from  or from short code 86434.
  5. Key in the Secure Access Code on the Enter Delivered Secure Access Code screen
  6. Click Submit
    A secure access token is placed on the computer in the form of a "cookie" – if the cookie is deleted, this registration process must be repeated
  7. Welcome First Time User:
    Click I Accept on the Accepting Terms and Conditions of electronic banking page
  8. Create your Online Profile: (this does not update your bank account information - it is used to support your online banking services)
  9. Update the data in the Online Profile and click on Create Profile
  10. A window appears: "Are you sure you want to submit these user preference changes?" click OK
  11. Change your Password - Establish your own password (Password requirements are outlined on the screen)
  12. Key in a New Password then your Confirmed Password
  13. Click on Submit Password Change
  14. A window appears: "Are you sure you want to change your password?" click OK
  15. You should see you "Account Overview" screen with your account information. Congratulations, you have successfully logged in and created your online account.

The next time you login to Internet Banking, you may be prompted to register your computer. Follow the steps below to register your computer:

  1. Follow steps 4 thru 7 above
  2. Activate Browser: choose one of the following options:
    Activate this computer for later use – a logical option for a home or work computer or
    Give me one-time access only (do not activate this computer) – a logical option when using a public PC (at a hotel, in a library etc.) Click "Continue".

You may want to add our webite www.thecommercialbanksc.com to your Trusted Sites. Select 'Tools', 'Internet Options', 'Security', 'Trusted Sites', 'Sites', then type in our website address. This will allow you to access the website without error messages.


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